Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dora Fairy Princess Castle Cake!

Princess Castle Cake, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

As most of you know, my daughter Ava spends a lot of time with me in the kitchen while I work! This gives her a unique opportunity to take part in a small part of many many celebrations! It also gives her lots and lots of time to think about her own birthday cake! Almost immediately after last year's Hello Kitty Cake she decided she wanted a princess castle cake. We compromised with this two tiered pink cake.

At the 11th hour she decided it must have Dora on top of the cake, wearing a pink dress, and with a pink bow in her hair! Oh, and with fish in the water around the castle. Again, she is nothing if not specific and attentive to detail! Two fantastic qualities in a cake decorator, more difficult in a four year old personality! She was however, very pleased with her cake, until she was flipping through a Cinderella book and she saw the picture of Cinderella's party dress, before the step sisters tore it apart, and informed me that that was how Dora's dress was supposed to look! Maybe I'll get it right next year!

I also made iced sugar cookies to give as party favors:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

I thought that the Elegant Baby Shower Cupcakes that I made recently, were among my most favorite cupcakes, but then I made these adorable Cookie Monster Cupcakes! Who can resist that fuzzy blue fur? Those slightly askew eyes? Apparently Cookie Monster is launching a campaign to host Saturday Night Live too!

With these chocolate chip cookie topped cupcakes with excessive amounts of blue buttercream and a potential gig on SNL, he's definitely got it going on!

Turtle Cake

Turtle Cake, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

This Turtle Cake was for a Preschool Class Birthday Party! I modeled the cake after the class icon. I especially like his little black shoes and facial expressions! His head and shoes are made of crispy rice cereal covered in fondant. I raised the turtle shell off the ground by making the legs out of cake columns and covering them in fondant.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girl's Nightgown Birthday Cake

Nightgown Cake Detail, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

This cake was kind of an unusual request! The Birthday Girl was having a sleep-over birthday party and requested a girl's white nightgown with pink flowers on it for her cake! This was the perfect opportunity to test out a technique that seems to be getting very popular. Frosting is piped onto the fondant and brushed inward to create an embroidered look and texture. My client was thrilled with the result and was so pleased that the gown almost looked like a little girl was wearing it! Cake makes everyone happy and that's why I love it!!!

Bob the Builder Cupcakes

Bob the Builder Cupcakes II, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

Having had a three year old go through a very solid Bob The Builder phase these cupcakes were a fun walk down memory lane! I created the Birthday Boy's favorite characters out of fondant:

My favorites toppers were Bob, Wendy, Lofty (he has such a great expression), Dizzy, and Bird!

I also made iced sugar cookies to go with the cupcakes!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Elegant Baby Shower Cupcakes

These may be my favorite cupcakes to date! From the blue with white polka dotted wrappers to the hand sculpted sugar paste pacifiers, bottles, and light chocolate fondant bows they are just adorable!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lego Cupcakes II

Lego Cupcakes II, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

These are some recent Lego Cupcakes! Here are some that I made two years ago too!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Chameleon Cupcake Toppers!

Chameleon Cupcake Toppers!, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

These adorable little chameleons topped the cupcakes for the November PTA Birthday Cupcakes!!!