Thursday, December 30, 2010

Piano, Books, and Christmas Ornament Cake!

When I got the order for this cake I was very excited, the concept was so original and personalized. Cakes that can only ever made for one person in the whole world are the ones that I enjoy making the most. For this cake, a husband ordered it for his wife who was graduating from grad school and had written her thesis on Flannery O'Connor. She is also and avid piano player and they were celebrating by throwing a holiday/graduation party, hence the fancy chrstmas ornaments.

This cake was Baker's Cakes Signature Chocolate with Double Chocolate Cream Cheese Butterecream Frosting and it was topped with Homemade Chocolate Marshmallow Rolled Fondant!

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  1. This was a SUPER delicious cake by the way. Hillary loved it and everyone at the party was very impressed. Thanks so much!