Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dog Cake!

Dog Cake!, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

This cake was ordered by one of my best clients! And I love this, the design and flavor was totally up to me!!! While this is the most amazing opportunity as an artist, it's also kind of like trying to find your way driving to somewhere that you've never been, and have all you passengers in the car ecstatic when you get there! Luckily, my client gave me her husband's number to contact to arrange the pick up of the cake! I decided to call and get the inside scoop on her likes and interests! After fumbling through introducing myself to him and explaining what info I was looking for, he agreed to email me some tips. I felt like I was putting him on a game show, "How well do you know your wife?" Or something equally embarrassing!

At any rate he emailed me back an amazing list to work with and I focused in on her love of German Short Haired Pointers and daily Starbucks obsession! I went with strawberry cake and strawberry buttercream under a light chocolate Fondant. (Not red velvet, that would be gross to cut into your dog and find that!) I sculpted the portrait based on her own dog and embellished the collar with a UNC logo and Starbucks charm instead of a dog tag!


  1. You've definitely gone to the dogs...

  2. Such a work of art. Keep the talent going there. I am your fan from the Philippines!

  3. I love how you sculpture your cake. You did an awesome job

  4. I like the starbucks tag. Its really Nice.