Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Virgin of Guadalupe Cake

Virgin of Guadalupe Cake, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

In February I donated a gift certificate for a cake to a fundraiser at my son's school. The gift certificate was placed in a raffle, which meant that anyone young or old had the chance to win a cake! Often cake gift certificates are put into silent auctions where only the highest bidder wins.

In March a teacher at the school emailed me to tell me that one of her students won the cake. He knew exactly what he wanted: chocolate cake with vanilla frosting with the Virgin of Guadalupe! His teacher was so sweet, she wondered if he didn't want a soccer cake or a Spiderman cake, but no, he was sure, he wanted "La Virgen."

I loved the idea! It turned out this cake was the perfect opportunity to blend several different artistic techniques. I used some relief sculpture to create the figure and roses and some painting behind her and on her dress, robe, and face. I think the tattoo style "Happy Birthday" banner added the final element of cool to the cake!

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