Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Vacation is Sweet

The kids made a batch of chocolate cupcakes this afternoon!

The Easter Bunny brought this sweet t-shirt! (Livestrong!)

This is how the little one "helps."

He was so into the decorating!

It's a miracle all of my food photographs don't look like this one!


  1. You really sure frame these pics and put them up in your kitchen - they are wonderful!

  2. Thanks! The lights in my kitchen photograph an awful yellow/orange color, it drives me bananas! My dream kitchen has natural light on at least three sides!!!

  3. Your Lego Indiana Jones cake looks amazing!! So impressive!!
    Thanks for getting back to me about the cost...I've had trouble figuring it out too b/c of the amout of time they take.
    I had a friend ask me about baby shower ones, have you ever done those? I'm trying to figure out what different shapes I might could make besides the cupcake...any suggestions!!!

    Your kids making cupcakes are so cute!