Friday, April 3, 2009

Thanks Everyone!!!

As I write this, I don't yet know the final outcome of the Iron Cupcake Earth Challenge! But what I do know is that I am so appreciative of everyone who voted and put out a call to vote for Baker's Cakes!!! We've had votes coming in from all over the country! Our west coast contingent in California, friends in Colorado, and our base, the Cupcake States as I like to call them: NY, MA, PA, NH, and NC. Let's not forget VT, FL, and all the others! It was so nice to hear from old friends and new as well!!! I wish I could personally hand deliver a cupcake and thank you to all for your support!!! Thanks SO much!!! 

All my love, 



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  1. You can add WA state to your tally, too--I represented from the Pacific Northwest :) It was hard work, since every time I went to vote I got ridiculously hungry. Hope you were the big winner!