Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thanks Bass Pecan Company!

Remember my Toasted Pecan Hummingbird Cupcakes? An employee from the Bass Pecan Company left a comment on my blog and suggested I submit my Cupcake recipe to their Recipe Contest! I did some copying, pasting, and submitted it and forgot about it! Well, today for some reason, I took a  peek onto the front porch to see if anything had been delivered (Ok, I was actually looking for a new lap suit I ordered for myself, hoping it will inspire me to do more swim workouts) and I did in fact see TWO UPS packages! Hot Dog! Two packages in ONE day! That's UNHEARD of!!! I found my swim suit in the first package and this in the second:

A one pound bag of Bass Pecan Mammoth Pecan Halves! Yum!!! The note attached says: 

Congratulations. We have chosen your recipe as one of our featured recipes to be posted on our website at Please enjoy these complimentary Bass Mammoth Pecans as our thank you. Your recipe is in the running for our 2009 Bass Pecan Recipe Contest. The grand prize recipe winner will be chosen at the end of the year.

Cool! This is definitely the silver lining to the Iron Cupcake: Earth loss! I'll let you know when they post my recipe!


  1. Nice!!!! That's awesome...

    More importantly, what's the new suit like and where did you get it? ;-)

  2. k, duh, just saw the link - I like it!

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