Friday, May 29, 2009

Vegan Orange Creamsicle Building Block Cupcakes

A customer contacted me this week, who was interested in cupcakes for his son's first birthday party. The little boy is allergic to eggs and dairy, poor thing! I suggested we make a vegan cake and top a few special cupcakes for him with a dairy-free frosting. After tasting these, I may go from lacto-ovo to vegan! The cake is a super moist Vegan Orange Cake topped with Vegan Orange Creamsicle Frosting!


  1. That sounds great! One of my husband's co-workers is a vegan and we are always trying to find things to make her when I make goodies for him for work. It is tough!

  2. What a lucky little boy to get this treat on his birthday. Must be tough with his allergies.