Friday, June 19, 2009

Stanley Cup Cake and Pink Baby Shower Cake

Hockey Cake #2 this week! I took a leap of faith and hoped that since the birthday boy's dad is a Penguins fan, that they'd love a cake based on the Stanley Cup!

I stacked two 6" layers on top of two 8" layers for the base of the trophy. The "cup" was the bottom half of a ball.

I'm not sure, but I think my pictures are fuzzy because someone licked my point and shoot camera... it's been a rough week!

I took another risk this week and made a layered baby shower cake without fondant. While the frosting isn't perfectly smooth, I like how the strawberry seeds add a natural texture to the cake.


  1. wow - you were busy this week! Love the hockey cake and the figures - especially the mohawk. And the 3-tier cake looks soooo yummy. I made strawberry cupcakes this week too!

    Hope you get your oven and camera back soon! I can't believe your week

  2. they are fantastic! I like the strawberry cake how it is, the colour is amazing!!

  3. Ha! Yes there are more cakes...but my first couple that I thought were awesome at the time...I now look at and think they suck big time :)

  4. Do you have facebook?? I have them posted on there?? We could be in real life friends :)

  5. Thanks Sweet Things! I want to hear the story behind the "Debt" Cake!!!

    m.e(Cathie)- I am loving the story about your kids and the road work, mine would probably park chairs out by the road to watch all day long!!!

    Lucky- Hahaha! I feel the same way about my first few cakes!!!! I'll try and friend you ;)