Monday, July 6, 2009

Teapot Cake

Teapot Cake, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

My mom's birthday was Friday and I knew I had to make her a special cake! I've been wanting to make a teapot cake since I saw this tea cup tutorial. I also knew that, as much as I prefer the flavor of homemade fondant, it just wouldn't cover as well as pre-made, so I took this opportunity to do some experimenting and taste testing! I found a small store that stocks Satin Ice rolled fondant and gum paste, it was worth the one-and-a-half-hour round trip drive to find a little stockpile of cake supplies at North Carolina Paper Company in Clayton, NC.

The cake is a lemon cake filled and covered with lemon buttercream frosting. The tea cup, saucer, teapot handle, and spout are made out of sugar paste. I piped on the vines with royal icing and finished the teapot and cup and saucer with food color "paint." Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. Cake looks great! I love the Paper Company-- so much fun stuff there!

  2. Looks yummy. Can you eat the sugar paste? What does it taste like?

  3. Thanks Sarah! Isn't NC Paper Co a hole in the wall??? So shocking to find that room filled with all the cake stuff in the back!!! And I barely made it out of there without breaking the bank! I practically looted the place :)

    Thanks Lucky! Have you made the shoe cake yet???

    George, I'd say the sugar paste tastes a lot like fondant, but not as good... it dries hard like clay...

  4. wow - I love your teapot cake! I made one a few months ago, but I like you pattern much better! Your teacup is perfect! (Mine wasn't as I actually don't have a real one to use as a mold) I'd love to see your mom's reaction to the cake!

  5. Awesome work! I made one before and it's not easy. Your cup looks fantastic.

  6. I'm doing a teaparty for my daughter birthday next week and am trying to figure out what to bake the cake in. What did you use to get it so perfect?