Monday, June 14, 2010

Under the Sea Birthday Cake!

This little boy loves all things fish! At the tender of age of three he already has his favorites! Sharks (of course), stingrays, jellyfish, and more! It is fortuitous and fantastic for his cake design that he also loves bubbles! 

The sugar sculpture of the birthday boy in is birthday dory is the perfect topper for this cake! He can peer over the edge and observe the creatures beneath!

I threw scale overboard and included a whale shark! They are underwater giants! A clown fish would be a speck next to a whale shark in real life, yet they can happily coexist in fondant on this cake!


  1. Oh wow! I adore this cake - so cute how he is peering over the side.

  2. Frank is impressed with the whale shark spots. Love the whole cake.

  3. Sooo cool! this is a very cool idea..with the boy looking down at the sea..below!! How creative!

  4. that is sooooooo cute!!! i Love it, you could be on one of those bake-off shows!! :D