Monday, February 1, 2010

Peanut Butter Blossom Cupcakes

Today I whipped up a batch of these beautiful scrumptious peanut butter blossom topped chocolate cupcakes. I created them a while back for my dear friend Susan.

Today she wrote:

Incredibly grateful to be in the sunshine with my family in such as beautiful place. We spent the afternoon making sand castles and I swam in the ocean.. dodged a big boat and had a head on collision with a snorkler but other than that no casualites :)

Well, my friend... Today I was incredibly horrified to find that 5 inches of snow have caused two snow days and that my lovely children will be out of school for an indefinite amount of time. I spent the morning dragging my obstinate three year old through Target because she refuses to wear boots, shoes, shirts, pants, underwear, and walk. This afternoon I dodged a massive headache with a well timed beer and as far as casualties go, I haven't murdered anyone in my family yet, so all in all, it was a good day.

Needless to say, I am sad that Susan is in the Cayman Islands and not here to share in some of the cupcakes she inspired!!! (And for the record, honest to goodness, I am not bitter! We had our week in the sun. It sure is nice. And I miss it!!!!)


  1. oh Danielle, feel free to come & visit for a good dose of Melbourne heat!
    gorgeous cupcakes but this heat doesn't motivate me to bake at all.
    hope you feel better soon & the kids go back to school!!

  2. 1 - Danielle, that is a VERY entertaining post (and quite well written, I must say!)
    2 - I MUST have one of those cupcakes at some point!! :) - Tracy

  3. Cathie, thanks so much for the offer!!! Next time we're on your side of the world I will take you up on the invite!!!

    Tracy, I just told Susan there is one cupcakes left and I suspect it won't be around much longer... I'm hoping this snow melts soon so we can run in the mornings again!!!