Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why is this Cake Compositionally Challenged?

The story of the Bright Pink, Heart Shaped, Make-Up Cake. It's an interesting story, really. A customer contacted me a while ago to inquire about making her eight year old daughter's birthday cake. No problem, I said.  She told me that her daughter wanted a pink cake with make-up on it. No problem, I said. Did she want me to make the make-up out of sugar paste? Nope, her daughter wanted real make-up on her cake. 

(I have learned in my brief but illustrious parenting career, that my child often chooses cake designs just to get to the toy on top. This has led to various battles that usually result in me just buying the toy and making the cake that I want to make. It's a win-win situation). 

The cake customer and I discussed this, she did some independent research, and found that her daughter really just wanted the make-up on top of her cake. (It's fitting really. She had a Claire's birthday party). So the cake customer purchased the make-up and gave it to me for the placement on the cake. And here's where my lesson began.

1. It's a good thing that she purchased the make-up, because I don't have a hot clue about the first thing about the stuff. I come from a very short lineage of non-make-up wearers. I was never taught the ways of application. I do however, have fond memories of watching my grandmother put on her make-up in her very elaborate mirror. I did have a brief foray into whatever make-up my mother had, one time in 5th grade. The end result was rather clownish, I'm certain.

2. When dropped out of an upper cabinet onto the counter top below, eye shadow breaks. Again, I had no idea about this.

Needless to say, I was able to get a replacement eye shadow right before I delivered the cake. The final composition of the cake was harmoniously balanced with three items. And that is why this cake went through a brief compositionally challenged phase!


  1. OMG the MIRROR. Talk about a blast from the past... - Kate

  2. Did you see that that mirror went for $70??? I like the fact that it has day, office, and evening settings :)))