Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last week I made a Swampfire Cake! Had I ever heard of Swampfire? Absolutely not! Do I still not really know what/who it/he is? Pretty much. Maybe a creature from Ben 10 Alien something or other... Needless to say, this guy landed on my doorstep and it was time to make a cake!

I love love love getting emails like this after a cake goes on it's merry way:

The cake was a huge hit!  I just wanted to tell you that is was as delicious as it was beautiful - that is, if "beautiful" is an appropriate word to describe Swampfire.  The cake was moist and yummy, and I love the fondant!  I have never liked cakes with a lot of fluffy icing, so now I know what I really like!  It served a lot - just as you said.  Since the cake was nice and tall, the smaller piece cuts were still plenty big enough, and we had some left to take home, even after serving some parents and sibs.

We all loved how you put the flames on the sides.  What a creative way to put it all together.  And Swampfire was so detailed and just perfect.

It was truly my pleasure to make this cake and bring joy to the birthday boy and his family!

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  1. What a wonderful note! I love it when clients take the time to send a note. You deserve it!