Friday, March 13, 2009

Cookie Pops!

I have been obsessed with making treats on sticks this week! Perhaps it's because half a case of cookie sticks were just hand delivered, with love, to my door!

I wish I could share the recipe for these delicious, yummy cookie pops with you! They are soft and sweet and have a subtle yet complex flavor. Alas, I can't. I coerced the recipe out of a friend and have been paying her back for the last year by delivering part of all my baking projects to her house. She actually threatened to break my legs if I told anyone the recipe. 

Yeah, that's how I roll. On the fringes of a baking mafia. I bet you didn't even know they existed. They do.

Guess who we're rooting for this weekend?

These are my favorites! I was using parchment paper triangles to apply the glaze... it's a delicate trick! I wonder what else I can make on a stick?

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