Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness!

March Madness!, originally uploaded by bakers-cakes.

It's March, and in North Carolina, you know what that means... March Madness! I got an order for some Tar Heel Cake Pops this week and decided they needed some Carolina Blue "plaid" to go with them. Then, I started thinking about it, and realized that orange cake pops would look exactly like basketballs, if they had those nifty lines on them and... voila! Also, I do everything in threes or multiples of three (have you noticed that?), so making the basketballs finished the arrangement perfectly. Not to mention that the color orange is the compliment to blue, speaking of March madness...


  1. OMG - so cute! We loved the Mickey cake pops! How about bright colors - blue, red, yellow? Would that work? And we actually loved the coconut and I forgot my cousin doesn't like chocolate - can you believe it!!! Would it be possible to make 2 dozen coconut and 1 doz chocolate? Let me know if you need to charge more because of the "ears"! :-) Missed you Sat morning - the cake pops were a hit!

  2. I'm glad you guys liked the coconut! It happened to be all I had in the house :) Sure I'll make them in bright blue, red, and yellow, and 2 doz coconut, 1 doz choc! I loved your pix of the Yard/Bake sale. I don't often use the vignette function when I edit pix, but you inspired me to try it!

  3. I SO had plans to make those basketballs this weekend! Now I have something to go off of!! :)

  4. Lucky- The basketballs were really easy to make, the only tip I have is that I used the AmeriColor Gourmet Writer to make the lines on the balls, and that brand of edible marker is WAY better than the kind I have been able to find at AC Moore and Michaels! Good Luck! Post pix after you make them :) danielle